The Tom Toms

Chris and Kayla Day have been writing songs and playing music together since they first met in high school. Elaina Day, Chris’ sister, and Kayla’s sister-in-law, has been playing bass with them since 2011. Over the years, there have been several different line-ups. Now they are a four-piece with Michelle McAuley holding down drums. Michelle started playing with them, in 2017, after the departure of their previous drummer. A new E.P. is currently in the works, as is a summer tour across Michigan and the Midwest. If you would like The Tom Toms to play at your venue, or event, please visit our Contact Page.

More about The Tom Toms…

Their sound is comparable to the band Heart but modern, with an intentional low-fi ‘New Grunge’ feel. Their influences are almost as large as their ambitions. The Tom Toms have several albums under their belts, a couple of awards, and a large fan base, throughout the Midwest. They have played all over Michigan, at places like The Machine Shop, Campus Martius, Crofoot Ballroom, PJ’s Lagerhouse, Blind Pig, Flint Local 432 and many more. 

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